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  • Valerie Owens

    Dorothy Day (1897– 1980) American journalist, social activist, & devout Catholic convert; advocated the economic theory of distributism. Seen her displaying prison uniform worn when she arrested in 1917 for protesting women's exclusion from the electorate. Was partner in establishment of "Catholic Workers Movement" a nonviolent, pacifist movement that continues to combine direct aid for the poor and homeless. She is currently being considered for sainthood by the Roman Catholic Church.

  • Gina Synnott-Mullins

    The fight for women's right to vote -- Catholic Worker crusader Dorothy Day with her prison dress [covered with autographs!] On November 1917 Day went to prison for being one of forty women in front of the White House protesting women's exclusion from the electorate. Arriving at a rural workhouse, the women were roughly handled. The women responded with a hunger strike. Finally they were freed by presidential order.

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touching. I wonder if they are mother and daughter.

There is not a fast car in the frame, but how can you doubt that they had one? Sisters Guarding Family Moonshine Business -- Florence Friermuth and Susie Friermuth Doffing pose after they were arrested for moonshining. The sisters guarded stills on their family's farm near Saint Paul, Minnesota, during Prohibition.

Women picketed the White House in 1917 to try to get President Wilson to support woman suffrage

This picture was taken in 1917, and shows a woman at a suffrage protest. The women were protesting the recent arrest and incarceration of some of their fellow protesters.

Alice Paul, women's suffragist and one of the protestors who aimed to expose Pres. Wilson's hypocrisy of "making the world safe for democracy" when there was none at home. On the "Night of Terror," 9/ 14/ 1917, 44 workhouse wardens beat the protestors. One was a 73-year-old woman. One was stabbed between the eyes with the broken staff of her banner. Women were dragged by guards twisting their arms and hurled into concrete "punishment cells."

LBJ White House China by Jassy includes 90 wildflowers from all states.

Women's Suffrage Protestors Taken to Prison National Woman's Party White House Protests, 1917 National Woman's Party protestors are taken from the D.C. Court House to prison after their conviction in connection with White House protests for women's suffrage, 1917.

It was 1917 when members of the National Women’s Party picketed outside the White House, demanding the right to #vote. The Night of Terror took place on Nov 15 when the warden at the Workhouse Prison ordered his guards to teach the suffragists a lesson. For weeks, the women’s only water had come from an open pail. Their food had been infested with worms. But on this night, some 40 prison guards wielding clubs beat the women senseless — grabbing, dragging, choking, kicking and pinching them.

"Lincoln's Office in the White House" brings you into an exacting reproduction of Lincoln's White House office. As you enter, Lincoln has just unveiled to his cabinet his plans to issue an Emancipation Proclamation.

Being taken away to Occoquan Workhouse for protesting. (I can't tell who this is but I highly recommend the Iron-Jawed Angels movie -- a great story about women being jailed for daring to protest for the Right To Vote outside of the White House during war time.)

Over the years Eartha White operated a department store, a taxi service, and a steam laundry, and was licensed as a real estate broker, a census taker and a social worker. Known as the Angel of Mercy for her lifetime of humanitarian and civic service, Eartha White served the sick during the Spanish American War, was the only woman member of a sixty-member inter-racial War Camp Community Service Conference during World War I, served as a member of President Wilson's White House Conference, and...

women of the west standing next to a mud house (sod home), with which every settler used to build their homes, since there was no trees with which to build homes on the prairie. Biddy Craft