I'm going to start saying this. To everyone.


Woman, where is my super suit?!?! HAHA.


With my final project right now? Yes and....yes this is absolutely my excuse and has been...for the past month and a half

Mushu :)

I love this movie.

"The physical appearance of the please makes no difference." - Despicable Me...My husband quotes this line all the time :)

Oh Tangled

I may spontaneously burst into Disney Songs at any moment shirt – Shirtoopia I burst into Disney song a lot



Day 1: Favorite Disney movie- Mulan!! Tied with Tangled.


King Julian

One Of The Best Lines In Emperor's New Groove preferably before I Get turned into steaks next, or worse yet Hamburgers.

LOLz gotta luv mushu

Quoted way too much in my childhood

Tinker Bell Watercolor Art... They have a ton of Disney characters!! Super cool

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