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  • Ameena

    Hipster Voldemort laughing way to hard

  • Elisabeth

    Too funny! Poor Cedric...*tear* #harrypotter #twilight

  • Abbie Hays

    dislike twilight and love harry potter but this is funny!!!

  • Lacey Bryant

    I don't get this, but I'm sure my Harry Potter fan friends will, and they'll repin it and I'll feel popular.<~~~previous pinner. Haha! I pinned partially for the comment and partially because I am the nerd that gets it :)

  • Brooke Lewis

    I totally get this and hate hipster voldemort for hating Edward Cullen ;)

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Okay, that is TOTALLY legit. Props to whomever noticed this one!

Funnier when you say it out loud. With the accent. Jenessa Ward this is for you.

Voldemort really should have thought this through.

Possibly the best "Knock Knock" joke ever...:-)

Gotta love Hermoine. There are not words for how unbelievably awesome this is.

Never thought I would get a laugh out of how I met your mother and harry potter