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  • Bonita Tassa

    Although I love the look of a healthy fit body, its important to note that healthy fit bodies come in all shapes and sizes. I will never be smaller than a size 8 @ my fittest, and I LOVE the curves that I keep when I am that size :-)

  • AnnieandJason Gates

    True fact. my body is fit. real fit. learning to love the ~~curves~~ of a woman and accept I will never be lower than a size 7 with a *healthy* body.

  • Samantha McCullum

    Being healthy vs. being skinny (SOMETIMES I NEED TO REMEMBER THIS!!!) I want to be healthy and BEAUTIFUL, not "skinny"

  • Jessica Pfeiffer

    Being healthy and being fit is so much more important than being skinny.

  • Giesela Pierce

    curves are sexy. you can be a curvy, healthy, beautiful woman. don't strive to be skinny, strive to be healthy and happy. thats what's really beautiful, ladies.

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