Silence of the lambs elf.

Dexter elf.

Highly inappropriate Elf on a Shelf Ideas: 2011 edition

elf on a shelf ideas | Month of Elf on the Shelf Ideas |Still Playing School

“Oops, I think I dropped my earring.”

This is HILARIOUS!! She has the funniest Shelf on the Elf ideas!! The Elf Planking one made me laugh so hard. Best Elf on the Shelf Ideas ever.


Inappropriate Elf on a Shelf (36 pics) Stripper-Pole Elf!

Inappropriate Elf on a Shelf: 2012 edition

Elf on the Shelf ideas

kidney theft elf


hmmmmm our Christmas party is this weekend. Sure we find something inappropriate for our elf to do! LOL

elf on a shelf...

Elf on a shelf ideas

Cute website for elf ideas.

Shelf Elf

I don't have kids I but I love elf.


Step One - Cut a hole in a box. (Obviously did NOT share this one with the kid!)