Hey girl, How 'bout you go and have a sewing day with your friends - and I'll cook dinner and have it ready for you when you come home. And then let's cuddle for dessert.

"Okay, Ryan.."

These make me laugh so much! This one reminded me of my new found crafty pinterest love! Haha - Ryan Gosling Hey Girl

Hey.. it works!

tehehe...why thank you mr gosling

Hahaha this is the story of my life or when I just need one thing from the grocery store and $100 later...

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Hey girl hey

Let's go!

hey girl . . .

I even postpone procrastination.

yes please.

This is a Ryan Gosling meme that pokes fun at the Null Hypothesis. A Null Hypothesis is a default position that there is no relationship between two measures. Rejecting the null hypothesis indicates that there is a relationship between two phenomena or that a potential treatment has a measurable effect.

hahaha! oh Ryan....

ummm... YES.

Hey Christian Girl


Mormon Hey Girl

Ryan Gosling. Hey Girl.