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A scrawny, long-bearded mountain man with a foul mouth & a passing acquaintance with copper tubing & kettles, Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton seemed the embodiment of moonshiners of yore Brought up in rural Cocke County, Tenn, identified as one of four “moonshine capitals of the world” in the corn-whiskey history “Mountain Spirits,” Mr. Sutton learned the family trade from his father. Going back to the Scots-Irish, who brought it to the New World & it wasn’t illegal until after the Civil War.

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Appalachian Great Depression - The mother in a family of nine holds her baby.

Interior of mountain farmhouse, Appalachian Mountains near Marshall, North Carolina

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Lost Settlements of the Appalachian Mountains Part 2: History, Wilderness of the Appalachians - YouTube

A photo our grandfather took on the island of Bequia

Hark Hatfield and his wife Ollie McCoy.

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Three Appalachian women in their 80's share their stories of growing up in the rural regions of the Appalachian mountains. Take a glimpse into their lives as they share their memories of growing up not only as mountain women, but also as Cherokee, Scots-Irish and African-American women. Produced in 2000 Producer, DP and Editor: James Suttles D...

Sally Creech, more affectionately known as "Aunt Sal" spinning wool at her wheel. For Aunt Sal, spinning and weaving was an artistic & meditative endeavor & she often found solace while losing herself in her labors. Her relaxed smile expresses that this was a time for her to sit & contemplate while practicing her favorite skill. According to her children, whenever she was weaving, “we’d have to go naked…for all the notice she’d take of us, & we’d eat all the peach pie we wanted, for dinner....

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"Home Funeral" as photographed by Shelby Lee Adams. KY.

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child cotton picker | foto: lewis w. hine......makes me have flash backs. My first cotton sack was a pillowcase with a strap momma made for me. :) kc

The Comforts of Home: 1861

Clogging is the official state dance of Kentucky and North Carolina and was the social dance in the Appalachian Mountains as early as the 18th century. Both my daughters learned how to clog as members of "The Confederate Cloggers" of Christiansburg, Virginia