Unique geocaching container

Squeezed with a Message in a Bottle | 19 Ridiculously Creative Geocache Containers

All in one, solar powered charger, flashlight, radio, thermometer, .....

If you hide it...

Custom Geocache Containers cache

Unique Geocaching Containers – More Creativity and Fun « Trails Optional

Unique geocaching container

Fake poop! Geocaching container.

Make a log storage container

A trail marker? No, a hidden geocache! Just be careful how you attach it; remember the hiding guidelines regarding not causing damage to surroundings. (pics from Twitter stitched together by I.B. Geocaching and pinned to Creative Geocache Containers - pinterest.com/islandbuttons/creative-geocache-containers/) #IBGCp

Geocache containers

Gnome Cache - #geocaching

How To Build A Underground Shelter With A Shipping Container (Video) : TreeHugger

A Fairy House in a Wooded Wonderland | 19 Ridiculously Creative Geocache Containers

Creative Geocache Container

An extensive list of very helpful geocaching websites for mapping, statistics, travel bug tracking, coordinate checking and much more.


Log Cache.

These are extremely rugged containers ideal for carrying small items that need to stay dry and uncrushed.

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