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Fall Decorations & Fall Decorating Ideas - CINDERELLA PUMPKIN - No fairy godmother necessary for this fun D.I.Y. Create your very own sparkly princess carriage with some glue, bedazzling jewels, and carving knives. Get the how-to at

You'll Want This Faux Pumpkin D.I.Y. On Your Mantel All Season Long - Let's be honest: Fall and Halloween decor can sometimes look cheap and cheesy—meaning it's definitely not chic enough to keep out for an entire season. But this faux pumpkin is contemporary, trendy, and festive. Get the how-to at

Delight Your Trick-or-Treaters with These 10 Easy D.I.Y.s - Paper lanterns and pumpkin buckets - For an instantaneous and easy porch design, grab a few adhesive command hooks to hang dollar-store pumpkin baskets and colorful paper lanterns around your front door.

Delight Your Trick-or-Treaters with These 10 Easy D.I.Y.s - Front door bat barrage - Arrange daunting cutout black bats for a spooky and thrilling trick-or-treater greeting. This Halloween decoration is so simple to make, and can be stored and reused every year.

Delight Your Trick-or-Treaters with These 10 Easy D.I.Y.s - Sidelight signs - Don't let the professional appearance throw you off. This porch decoration is incredibly easy and super low-budget. Get nine other brilliant ideas at

D.I.Y. A Cute Bed Frame in 3 Easy Steps - If you're dying for a new bed but paralyzed by the thought of shelling out the cash for one (who isn't?), try this easy Ikea hack, courtesy of Emily Henderson.

Back-to-school season means it's gift time for one of the most influential people in your child's life. Get an A-plus with any of these fun, useful ideas for teacher.

Make this living wall from a $34 handrail. Start by finishing the railing with a coat of exterior stain. Then prep you pots by wrapping them with twine to attach them to the handrail. Put it all together by hammering nails into the handrail and attaching pots by tying twine around nails. Click through for the full instructions.

Use paint to add color and interest to a basic lamp. Follow the directions here to create this stunning piece.

Add texture to a boring lamp with rope that takes only a few minutes to apply. See the complete and easy-to-do instructions here.

Use a lightweight cotton fabric to take an ordinary lamp and make it into something unique. See all the steps and instructions here.

TABLE TORCHES- Turn your backyard into a festive paradise by making a much cuter version of the classic bug repellant.

ETCHED WATER CARAFE- Etch your favorite quote onto a pretty wine bottle and use as decor or to serve drinks at the next backyard barbecue.

COLORFUL ACCENT PIECES- Splash your bookshelves, coffee table, and outdoor space with these painted twine bottles.

DISH SOAP DISPENSERS- Upcycle old glass bottles to get rid of small, ugly soap containers on your kitchen countertop.

CUTE JEWELRY DISHES- Turn an old bottle into a place to display your favorite jewelry pieces.

COASTAL DECOR- Grab some twine and a mix of wine and beer bottles so you can jump on the nautical trend without dropping major amounts of cash.



Beautiful ideas to make the most of those leftover containers

Geek-ified Dishes - He may not get to go to every Comic-Con, but he'll be there in spirit with these fun plates he can devour his dinner off of. They get major bonus points for being dishwasher safe.

Leather-Wrapped Flask - You could get him an ordinary flask like everyone else...or you could make him this personalized (and much cooler) one in about ten minutes. We vote for the latter.

Manly Hand Scrub - Whether his hands are covered in dirt or are in need of some major moisturizing, he'll definitely appreciate his skin feeling smooth and smelling fresh—because he knows you'll be more inclined to hold it.

Bottle Opener - It looks really complicated and like it requires a lot of woodwork, but the reality is you can whip up this present for him in about 15 minutes. If you're really ambitious, add some customization with painted-on (you can use a stencil) nicknames or his favorite phrases. It'll be legen-waitforit-dary.