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Casual Friday, Punch a Coworker Monday, No Pants/Shirt Tuesday, Drunk at Work Wednesday, Call in Sick Thursday.

The 19 Best Cards To Send To Someone Who Hates Their Job - BuzzFeed

The 19 Best Cards To Send To Someone Who Hates Their Job

Let's have a staff meeting and discuss the things that must happen, but will never actually end up happening.) The 19 Best Cards To Send To Someone Who Hates Their Job

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Oh yes, there are those days! Ever+have+one+of+those+days+where+literally+everything+pisses+you+off?++Someone+could+be+like+ Look+at+that+rainbow,+ and+I'd+be+all+ Fuck+that+shit!

I don't have an attitude problem.  You have a problem with my attitude and that's not my problem! #haha ummmmm..... Guilty!

BUT Ask yourself, "Do I have an attitude problem?" If you do have an attitude "problem". How others react to your attitude (good or bad) IS their "problem" or rather their priviledge to choose :)

As evidenced by the 10 year old walking around with his dad in target today with his unedited rap music at full volume in his pocket.

Funny Graduation Ecard: I believe basic common sense should be taught in schools since it obviously isn't being taught at home any longer.

Thank you for making me so angry that every time I open my mouth, it appears that I have Tourette's Syndrome.

some people really do this to me! Or make me so mad I can't see straight! Happens to me all the time!


Funny Family Ecard: I have a sleeping disorder. Lol made me smile for sure.


Free and Funny News Ecard: Oh, I'm a Pacifist, alright. I'm about to pass a fist across your face.