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  • Leigh Kumpe

    Swiss scientists rewire injured spinal cords, paralyzed rats walk again! WHY IS SCIENCE SO AWESOME?!

  • Therese Oneill

    Paralyzed Rats Walk Again. After severe spinal cord damage, paralyzed rats walk again with the help of a robot to hold them up and stimulate their nerves. After the rats are trained on the machine for two months, they gained the ability to control their hind legs — which had previously been cut off from communicating with the brain — with enough dexterity to climb stairs and navigate around objects. This means that the brain has forged NEW CONNECTIONS to get around the spinal cord injury.

  • Tara Tan

    Game Changers: 30 Innovations That Will Change The World. This special series investigates the most remarkable advancements in science, energy and health — and how they will impact the way we live. This series is brought to you by Samsung's Galaxy S3. Read more:

  • Anthony Benson
    Anthony Benson • 3 years ago

    I wrote a theory on spinal cord repair for acute transversemylitis a few years ago. I received a telephone call out of the blue from Australia. Apparently it was used on a young man in his final stages of MS, he made a full recovery on the video. I have donated my theory free of charge to mankind, Lorenzo's oil was my inspiration. Other wild punts to put useful 20 years on your life and 97% to kill all cancers.

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Awwwww....somehow I feel like we should have done this this past year...but then I would be more depressed than normal =/

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