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Scoop Hem V-Neck, Silver

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Looks so comfy

Bb Dakota


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comfy sweater

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S/S Scoop Hem Tee, Natural

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S/S Scoop Hem Tee, Natural by Subtle Luxury :)

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scoop neck shirt dress

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Silver Mesh Ring by Savvy Cie

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V-Neck Tee, this looks so comfortable

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Jewelry Collier

Mixing metals: Silver Gold. V

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Mermaid LOVE Big Heart LOCKET Necklace

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Tiny Enameled Locket from Trois Petits Points in Paris.

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Love the layered necklaces look and this is a perfect example I would like to copy. Leaving off or replacing the evil eye necklace. gold ARROWHEAD necklace by keijewelry on Etsy

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House of Lanvin evening ensemble 1930

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It's like looking at a bouquet of beautiful flowers | Kate Spade bib necklace

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Etsyfrom Etsy

Sterling silver antler ring


Deer Antler Ring

Silver Antler

Stag Ring

Antler Wrap

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Gold Deer

Sterling silver antler ring. This is a handmade sterling silver ring depicting deer antlers. The band is made with square wire, tumble polished to a high shine... (hva)

Valley Necklace

Necklace 125

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babette on etsy

Rhinestones Statement

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Lorie Wears

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Beatiful blue necklace (only $18)

Black White Gold

Floral Black

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Statement Layer

Necklace Shiny

Floral Necklace

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Nordstrom Lusts

Shiny Jewel

Floral Statement Necklace | @Nordstrom

Etsyfrom Etsy

Dollybird Preserved Spider Web Pendant 3 inch- Reserved

Real Spiderweb

Dollybird Preserved

Real Spiders

Preserved Spiderweb

Web Creepy

Web Pendant

Huge Pendant

Dollybirddesign Etsy

Spiderweb Necklace

This pendant is a preserved spider web. Creepy and cool.

Etsyfrom Etsy

Sagittarius - Clear Crystal Arrow Head Hand Carved Gold Filled Wrapped Long Tribal Necklace

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Long Crystal Necklace

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Saggitarius Clear Crystal Arrow Head Hand Carved by Mayahelena