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Laundry pod. Only need 3 gallons of water and no electricity. Washes a small load in as little as 10 minutes! Great for camping or power outages.

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Pedal-Powered GiraDora Washer Needs No Electricity and Costs Only $40

GiraDora Pedal-Powered Washing Machine GiraDora is a human-powered washer and spin dryer, increases efficiency and improves the experience of hand-washing clothes.

Laundry POD is a portable, eco-friendly washer designed for washing small loads of laundry using a minimal amount of water and no electricity. Easy to use manually operated spinning, washing and draining system can clean clothes in less than 10 minutes.

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waterBOB - Emergency Bathtub Drinking Water Storage

waterBOB Emergency Bathtub Drinking Water Storage - want this, need to put together an emergency kit, this is great

Make a hobo tin-can portable rocket stove for cooking in an emergency when the power goes out, for a camp out or just for fun... logcabincooking.c...

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14 Off-Grid Projects to Cut Your Energy and Water Usage

14 Off-Grid Projects To Reduce Your Energy & Water Usage | | Choose one or more and get yourself off the grid!

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How to Get Drinkable Water in an Emergency

It happens to all of us. The water gets turned off for a couple of hours, or days, and we're left wondering how long it will last and where we'll get drinking water. This can be especially frightening during a winter storm or other natural disaster when getting to the store to buy water isn't…

a portable waterbottle that fills itself! it makes drinking water by condensing moister from its surroundings, Genius! Designer: Reymin De Leon

LIFE ARMOR | You Get In This Ball In Case Of Natural Disaster | crushproof, floating ball | able to withstand up to 9,3 tons of compressive pressure, and can take a plunge from 25m. | holds four people inside a 1.2m diameter sphere. Too awesome not to pin...

You need to build one of these little portable stoves. very hot and nearly smoke free. great for bug out kit.