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    Gary Burns

    by Gary Bills

    Wood sculptor Gary Stevens at work

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    by Sterling Sanders



    wood carving of a wooden wall heart by gary burns the treewiz

    Stephen Sanders | 'Spalted Hackberry Hollow Form'

    maple burl wood spirit

    Pho, Binh / Mailland, Alain | 'Arwen' Box Elder Burl, Afilia Root Burl

    Texas Style Jewelry Box Number 2 Improved. - by Blackie_ @ ~ woodworking community

    wood carving of a fantasy tree scene. Bears dancing, maple burl carved by Gary Burns the treewiz

    Bleached Box Elder

    Madrone Burl wood

    Exotic Wood Vase - ANickintheWood; Red Coolibah Burl, Purpleheart, Bubinga, Cocobolo, Ambrosia Maple

    William Hunter | 'A River Runs Through It'. Cocobolo

    Douglas J Fisher | Tomorrow's Thoughts, Maple burl

    William Hunter. Turned cocobolo wood.

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