A hammock snuggle; rocking gently as we drift off with the sun's warmth--perfection ✨

Hammock (check) Man (last thing on the list to complete this picture)

I know we havnt had our first kiss but I know once I do kiss ya I'll never stop

That night on the island, under the trees. I'll never forget it. The most exciting night of my life. It was scary and intense and so worth it. I'll never forget you, Tracy. I will always love you. We'll see each other again.

sometimes i make my very non snugly boyfriend snug and it always makes me smile to the core, this would do just that

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A hammock nap!would love to take a hammock nap with Ryan but Im pretty sure our kids would flip us out!

naps in a hammock

hammock for the yard. Bucket list- sleep all night in a hammock with husband- wake up with sunrise!

Always and forever

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A stored roulette of memories of you that makes my heart smile. When you are perfect, i love you. When you are flawed, i love you. When you are scared, i love you. When you are laughing, i love you. I am indebted to the universe for your existence.

I love being close to him hes always warm...

I am big on cuddling. I want to fall asleep on her chest well she rubs my back. I love to steal her body heat. I told her that I wanted to steal her body heat and now I find this pin.

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Hammock Life: Not much that’s better than summer nights spent in the hammock. What's on your Summer Nights Bucket List?