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    Romaine Lettuce is a favorite of mine in salads. I've also read it makes an Incredible and Delicious Smoothie. The best and most amazing thing about lettuce, besides eating the tender green leaves,...
    December 11, 2011

    Growing Romaine Lettuce from the Stump!

    3y Saved to Gardening...


    • Gizala Ali

      regrowing romaine from stumps -- After I cut off the top portion of the romaine lettuce, I am left with a “stumpy” looking end where the roots once were. I put this end in water and within a day or two new green leaves begin to grow in the center of the stump. I do not plant it in the ground again. I do harvest the new leaves when they are a few inches tall. These leaves are much smaller than the original leaves, but just as tasty. area that is in the water begins to rot or go soft, i toss it

    • Sandy Bell

      Peculiarities and Plants – Romaine Lettuce December 11, 2011 by timelesslady

    • C Tayler

      Peculiarities and Plants – Romaine Lettuce « Minding My P's With Q

    • Cheryl Lanser

      Regrowing Romaine lettuce!!

    • Vanessa Blythe-Caldwell

      Grow lettuce from lettuce

    • Kathy Lavelle

      December 11, 2011 017

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