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  • Alicia Dostoievska

    Portrait of Marie Curie (1934). Smithsonian Institution Archives Photographer unknown

  • MinnieSeaWright

    "All my life through, the new sights of Nature made me rejoice like a child. ... It was like a new world opened to me, ...which I was at last permitted to know in all liberty." Marie Curie Wonderful World of Science

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Marie Curie Intelligent and Brave most admired , a women that changed the world of science

Marie Curie with Albert Einstein. Can you imagine the conversation?

www.beautywithout... beauty without borders beauty without borders, inc #BWB Mother and child around the world.

Marie Curie Ideas that add to people's lives and solve problems and love people of course ;) But ideas nonetheless that change the world for the good while bringing glory to God

Marie Curie, died while giving the world xrays

France. Madame Marie Curie, co-discoverer of Radium, at the Radium Institute in Paris, 1921

Marie Curie (1867-1934) Two-time Nobel laureate Marie Curie discovered polonium and radium, founded the concept of radiology and — above all — made the possibility of a scientific career seem within reach for countless girls and women around the world. The first woman to receive the Nobel Prize and the first female Professor of General Physics in the Faculty of Sciences at the Sorbonne in Paris, Curie was beloved by her colleagues for her calm, singular focus, lack of pretense and professional drive. Her work with radiation is now part of the most sophisticated cancer-treatment protocols in the world, though she herself succumbed to leukemia after decades of daily radiation exposure.

A few of my favorite quotes of the great Gandhi: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.......... Practicing nonviolence begins at the dinner table......Be the change you wish to seen in the world........There is no god higher than truth.

Suffragette, Britain, 1911. Women of Britain & the U.S., never waste your right to vote. These women fought, died and starved for a right we now take for granted. It's a right still denied to millions of women around the world.

Of her life's work, cultural anthropologist, museum curator and feminist scholar Margaret Mead once said, "I have spent most of my life studying the lives of other peoples — faraway peoples — so that Americans might better understand themselves." Mead's professor and mentor Franz Boas is credited with the concept of cultural relativism in American anthropology, but it was Mead who truly eradicated the concept of the "savage" through her extensive fieldwork in the Pacific.

Mary Sherman Morgan (1921–2004) was a rocket scientist (!). She invented the liquid fuel Hydyne in 1957, which went on to power the U.S.’s Jupiter-C rocket.

Botanist Matilda Moldenhauer Brooks (b. 1891) attended Harvard and conducted research along with her husband, Sumner Cushing Brooks. She discovered an antidote for carbon monoxide and cyanide poisoning in the ’30s. | 34 American Lady Scientists Who Changed The World