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  • Becky Simmons

    Autism. I wish I had this t-shirt for my son when he was little. I wish I'd known that he needed it.

  • Karmann Clements Wennerlind

    I love this shirt for my sweet angels! It is hard for mom's to have people look and judge without knowing what is really going on!

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The ‘Autism Xpress’has been created to help promote greater awareness about autism spectrum disorders. It is designed to encourage people with autism to recognizes and express their emotions through its fun and easy to use interface.

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Autism.. It is real and it is my life. Shut your slutty over used mouth about my son. My kid isn't a brat with a excuse your daughter is a child that is suffering because her mother is a crack head and you are a attention whore that uses her. Back off on your mouthing .. This is one I will go bat crap crazy on.

If you need any autism ribbon items check out www.fundraisingfo.... They have some great autism items at very low prices. Great for fundraising. I even found a coupon code: FUND123.

Completely true...remarkable morals; impeccable integrity! This is my son!

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Autism Speaks. Autism affects 1 in 110 children. 1 in 70 boys! It affected my child. These kids can be recovered. There is hope and help.