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a casual snow white. :) a formal one can be... | Disney Bound

When I win the powerball, I will buy these entirely disney inspired outfits. WOW!

Request: Minnie Mouse in a red dress (as opposed... | Disney Bound

Goofy disney-clothes. Teen Disney character outfit.

Im not trying to be a disney character here, but I love the polka dots and teal together!

Disney Bound: Woody from Disney Pixar's Toy Story movies

"Neverland" - Peter Pan inspired floral, Spring look based upon the magical land created by J.M Barrie. Designed by Leslie Kay or also known as the designer of Disneybound outfits. Can be found on Polyvore or her personal shop or tumblr account.

Disney Bound: Blue Fairy from Disney's Pinocchio

I love all things monochrome, so this Steamboat Willie inspired Disneybound outfit is spot on!! ♥ #Nautical #Clothes #Outfits #Boating #Fashion