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Royal H Mixte by Lovely Bicycle! from the article: "How Upright is Upright?"

Etsyfrom Etsy

Bicycle U-Lock Holster - Rack-Mounted - Leather - for Krypto Mini-Evo 5 Lock


Silk Cycles is a long standing Japanese bicycle builder, with a certain affinity for small tubes and truss-like construction.

Somewhere in the middle, the Italian city bike is really a variation of the so-called "sports roadster" design (the ubiquitous Raleigh Sports and Lady's Sports were examples of these): swept-back handlebars at or moderately above saddle level, combined with a short stem for a generally upright but slightly leaned-forward position. The seat tube is not as slack as that on a Dutch bike, but still relatively relaxed. The cyclist can lean into the bike if they wish to apply more power, or they…

A darling detail on Muse Cycles' Mezzaluna Mixte. (Another wonderful benefit of buying a hand-built bike).

The chain setup on my saddle. The incision made by the thief in the tube is visible on the lower portion near the top tube.