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Mark Brooks / Poster Collection for Santamonica 2010 — #poster #basic #illustrazione #markbrooks #santamonica

vintage labels

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I know that the designer made the numbers in this piece so huge and graphic for a reason, but I don't find it successful personally. I don't know how I would change it, maybe make it smaller, or the type on the bottom larger.

Aeroflot poster

Graphic design


elaine wong

Stay Up Late Poster by Ben Barry. love the play on revolution. and i am always game for a cool lightbulb

Capital D, de Design Coöperatie Brainport van de Brainport regio Eindhoven. Ontwerp uw eigen D, stuur ons het resultaat en zie het ontwerp straks terug in onze huisstijl. Stuur uw inzending t.a.v. Twan Hofman per post (Postbus 8043, 5601 BD Eindhoven) of, als u het zelf kunt digitaliseren, via e-mail (hofman@capitald.nl).


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Art Deco Font from books about the Art of hand lettering for decoration and window display published in the end of the 1920′s or the 1930′s


ISO 50 Design

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