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Vintage shoes from Une femme d'un certain age

Notice the shoes Carmen Miranda is wearing (circa 1940ish) .... do any designers have any new ideas at all? :P

Carmen her later years, in addition to her already heavy smoking and alcohol consumption, Miranda began taking amphetamines and barbiturates, all of which took a toll on her health

Carmen was known for her outlandish clothing, whether she was in her campy 'Brazilian Bombshell' outfits or, like here, more typical 1940s clothes.

Carmen Miranda Carmen Miranda on a diving board with her platforms.

Shoe Earring! wow! I don't know if I should put this on my shoes board or my jewelry board!!!!

Carmen Miranda I had never seen Carmen Miranda as a minhota, a woman from Minho ( which she was actually) but this pic is vibing with those Minho costumes and I can totally see the northern Portugal gone tropical there.

Platforms at the Carmen Miranda Museum