I would like to be the guy in the back ground with a buck tag!

Red deer in Denmark - In Danish they are called kronhjorten, 'Crown Deer', because of their majestic antlers. This is a white stag in 'Dyrehaven'.

The Gifts Of Life

"In The Morning Mist..."

Fall in the forest

Artist Don Kloetzke Whitetail Deer Art Print Timber's Edge | WildlifePrints.com

beautiful buck


Magic Forest

Beautiful...... how can men shoot and kill this amazing animals. It's our fault to begin with that they are starving, so now we just kill them off! GOD DAM!



Three Rivers Deep | elemental book series A two-souled girl begins a journey of self-discovery... READ MORE @ threeriversdeep.w... pic source: by NICOLAS LE BOULANGER www.norwegianwedd...


Roe Deer

Here come the reindeers to take Santa on his magical journey on Christmas eve ...


'Creekside - Whitetail Deer' painted by Persis Clayton Weirs (signed prints are available for purchase at WildlifePrints.com)

Troupeau de Cerf dans une foret enneigé.