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Just Girly Things About Me ... by manamay liked on Polyvore, except for the heart racing photo.

Lol love this quote, but why do I think of Edward Cullen when I see it? lol I'm weird

Besties! Me and my best friend actually lived next door for a looong time! That's how we met :)

Why couldn't I still have a bestfriend. I miss you why can't it be the same again. Why can't you admit what you did. Why can't it all be good again...???

I know it's weird but I struggle with this... I don't like to pick favorites because I love all my friends, but there are just certain ones you just click with better than anybody else...

OMG this is actually really weird because lately when things don't go my way I have been saying this!!!!

Everythings looks better in PINK. .. glitter. Check out the website to see more

hate hate hate it....and that's who I am. I'm also getting annoyed with the number of people who guilt me about this but can't be bothered to use the numerous non-phone communication methods available.

Jordyn Crane Saulsberry YOU'RE MY SOULMATE. In a friend way of course.