How pretty is this beach manicure?

Beach Nails Angie: Great way to wear our ring. Maybe I won't lose it in the ocean! Lol

Ocean Manicure

Pretty Metallic Blues & Greens Mermaid Style Nails ❣

Glittery butterfly wing manicure!


Pretty Nails with Gold Details nails ideas nails design Manicure Ideas featured

Beach Waves Inspired Nail Art Tutorial

Perfect blue manicure with a bit of maize!

These are pretty cool.

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#nails #glitter Cute, it reminds me of the waves at the beach! :) Need to do for Spring Break! Very pretty

Daisy Nails Tutorial - bring a bit of spring to your manicure!


Beach Nails

It looks pretty but that tan is just is bringing it down



So cute french manicure

pretty nails

Pretty cherry blossom nails