Men's Clothing 1811 - 1812

Fantasy Long coat - Game of Thrones style (Actually he looks more like an adult version of The Little Prince)

Men's Clothing 1811 - 1812

The five "Positions of Dancing", from Wilson's Analysis of Country Dancing, 1811:

Costume Parisien 1823. Regency fashion plate.

Men's Fashions of the Regency Era

Breeches became longer — tightly-fitted leather riding breeches reached almost to the boot tops — and were replaced by pantaloons or trousers for fashionable street wear.

Regency Fashion

Victorian Mens' fashion

The best (and hardest-to-tie) Regency cravat knot, worn with a Grafton collar.

Regency Era

Don't you look rather Marco... [Brian Viglione of the Dresden Dolls (steampunk men's fashion)[


1930s men's fashion

Men's ensemble, c. 1800. Museo del Traje.

1812 fashion plate

Regency Era (1800-1920) Men's Suit