teach like your hair's on fire

Great read for parents and teachers to help children learn the value of being respectful by listening and waiting for their turn to speak. The book also teaches children a witty technique to hold on to their thoughts for sharing at an appropriate time.


Time Check - throughout the day teacher announces "time check" and students record the time from the classroom clock. At the end of the day they earn a sticker if they get all 4 correct.


LOVE THIS!!! This teacher holds a "reading raffle" and students enter their tickets in the bins with the book they most want to win. :} Tickets earned through behavior and responsibility... Hold the raffle once a month...

Do you think that a teacher’s ability to inspire can affect test scores?

Perfect for curing "test stress" before standardized testing.

15 great books for teachers

Ideas from teachers for teachers

50 Best Books for Teachers

Wish I had found this site sooner! Can't tell you how many times I needed a great quote!

End of year teacher gifts - You Fill My Bucket

Testing sign

15 Books That Will Make You A Better Teacher

15 books that will make you a better teacher.

The Sharpener that all the teachers are talking about. It was even made by a teacher...The blog also has a description of her pencil management in her classroom, very clever! I SERIOUSLY need this!!!!

end of year...sweet!

(I should pick this one up.).....Very funny book! I highly recommend it for any teacher with more than 3 years experience!

Seriously no joke... especially this year!

My Yearbook is a wonderful end-of-the-year memory book for your students to create! There are 12 personal pages the students create to go into their memory books. It is a wonderful way for the students to reflect upon the year’s activities, it keeps them engaged, and they have a memory book to cherish for years to come. It includes 12 pages, plus a cover page for the memory books. There is a teacher's page and a student instruction page provided. $