I want one !

swingrest hanging outdoor lounge chair for dedon #chair #sofa #furniture #lounge #design

Aqua Float Big Island Inflatable

for those who hate seaweed but love the lake!

Probably one of the coolest chairs I've ever seen.

Summer fun!

The amazing HotTug..... another item to put on the If I ever become stupid rich list

how fun would this be!!!

a lounge chair where I can still read while I sun my back? I have to own this

Relax You're On Lake Time Lake House Decor Lake Sign On Lake Time Hand Painted Wood Sign by CarovaBeachCrafts

If I would have had this as a kid, I would have exploded from excitement.

Now there's a river floating raft! I WANT ONE!!!

Hammock tent!! I WANT!!

Kind of epic. Jars with taps and measuring cups.

Dip Clip - clips on to any plate for easy transport

http://theaquariumtank.info/fish-tank-designs/cool-fish-tank-designs/ one of the coolest fish tanks i've seen

Epic Pool Floats

Perhaps the most fun water toy of the summer?

Lake House Decor Lake House Sign Lake Sign by CarovaBeachCrafts 20x10 Reclaimed Wood Hand Painted

Color Changing Showerhead Rainbow LED Shower Head