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from Lifehack

20 Motivational Quotes to Start Your Week

Change ain't easy...Don't think about it, Just do it!! Comfort zones are weak zones, the zones of excuses and fear. Use the strength you KNOW you have, to get out of it. You wouldn't have come this far, if you were weak. It took STRENGTH...Focus on what you really love and want, and doors will seemingly, miraculously open for you..If you are not prepared to do that, don't complain..The choice is yours!

Stop saying yes to everything and everyone. Stop agreeing with people just so you don't upset them. You're not a pushover. You were not put on this Earth to be stressed and miserable so others can be relaxed and happy (at your expense). Start protecting your time and your happiness. If others can't handle it, show them the door. Kick them out of your life and don't look back.

For the delusional woman out there who slept with a married man who isn't their husband.. You might have had his head.. But I ALWAYS had his❤️. The door was always open for him to leave but he never did. Why because you were just a whore and I was always and still am HIS WIFE something you were never good enough to be...

from BuzzFeed

The 15 Wittiest Things Oscar Wilde Ever Said

isn't THIS true mick!? you look for 'good, nice' people so you can take adavantage. its what you do ~ how you survive in your lazy man world. Because you aren't capable of being a man and working ~ you find women that will work and you take from them.

Get rid of the toxic negativity.....don't allow sick people to hurt you. Hurt people hurt others. Set your boundaries! They need to heal themselves instead of hurting others. Let them go.....