• Talitha Ohls

    Yellow Lab puppy animals

  • Shamontiel Vaughn

    Yellow Lab puppy: They win me over every single time. My gawd I love Labrador Retrievers.

  • ✿ ayaka's nails✿

    #cute #adorable #sleeping #white #labrador #puppy #baby #animals #dog

  • Amanda Marie

    Sweet dreams cute Sleeping little yellow lab puppy

  • Nancy Owen

    Yellow Lab puppy sleeping,, let sleeping dogs lie

  • Tatiana Guadamuz

    Yellow Lab puppy - I love nap time!!

  • Justin Lajoie

    Yellow Lab puppy - sleepy time

  • Leticia Garcia

    Yellow Lab puppy - Darn these pictures...there should be a side by side pic of the sweet little puppy and the giant lab next to it for a reality check lol. Pretty sure Bentley was cute and little for all of a month!

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