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3d paper art

Masters of Paper Art and Paper Sculptures

Elsa Mora

For me paper art meant nothing more than making paper planes and boats, until I saw these intricate paper sculptures and paper cuts by Elsa Mora. The Cuban-born artist is well-known for transforming paper into beautiful, profound and creative.

Paper Plate and plastic cutlery

Paper Plate Dress by Ali Ciatti, via Behance -- trashion fashion

Illusion: What is interesting about Rachael Ashe’s paper cutouts is, she not only creates two-dimensional art but also makes three-dimensional sculptures. Her transparent boxes have a wow factor with the overlaid organic patterns, and when light peeks through, the shadows create a 4th element to each piece. http://illusion.scene360.com/art/42761/paper-art-inside-out/

Paper Art: Inside Out

Cut Paper Structure - Leaves by all things paper, Cut Paper Structures - Rachael Ashe

Beautiful Rapunzel Paper Sculpture by Jackie Huang. I love how she used paper quilling to give the hair movement.

UP Paper sculpture by Matt Hawkings for the new Disney Gallery... awesome!

Up shadowbox papertoy by Matthew Hawkins, on display at WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney!

Story Book Paper Art

Look what my niece made

LaRone grimaced as he belatedly spotted the small group of Greenies crouched together in a close huddle in the shadow of

05_znips.jpg 520 × 780 Pixel

Wall art made from repurposed, chopped and curled books, by Mind Design for Znips hair salon

Jen Stark is an artist that creates art made from construction paper.“I like to make the insides very colourfully confusing. You can relate it to people or things being so complicated and elaborate on the inside. Yet the outside layer is usually white to show that something may look simple and ordinary on the outside – but the inside is beaming with colour!”  She also uses her creations as a metaphor on how intricate and colorful people are, both physically and emotionally.

Cool Construction Paper Kaleidoscope Art

Mother of Paper Art

Funny pictures about Amazing paper art by Peter Callesen. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing paper art by Peter Callesen. Also, Amazing paper art by Peter Callesen.

Lately, I noticed that one of my friends have been hooked creating paper flowers and few paper crafts like a paper dress and paper polo. These were really cute activities, something I’m not sure if I would be interested enough…

You'll adore these beautiful craft ideas with a flower theme. A roundup of the cutest paper, felt and silk flower DIY projects.