Playdough surprise box

Kiwi Teacher: Lets talk about provocations... Great description and visuals as to what provocations and open-ended play can be.

Awesome five senses activities!!

Animals in "cages" idea could even work for much smaller animals and much smaller containers like LPSO & open weave baskets

Play dough

An invitation to play tutorial

PlayDrMom shares a TON of great activities to help children identify and become aware of a variety of feelings

PlayDrMom shares how she ends play therapy sessions.

Nature Shadow Boxes

Could use this board for a school counseling topic. Make each monster stand for a specific type of question or task.

make your own play dough tool kit & find out the benefits of playing with dough

Creating a Calm Down Box | Kim's Counseling Corner

Play therapy room

natural blocks, there's so many ways to play with them.

Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils - Love, Play, Learn

The MOTHER LOAD of Behavior stuff... I am not even kidding

Creative Counseling Play Therapy Genograms For Therapist

Sandtray Therapy: The Mother of all Therapy Techniques - by guest blogger Amy Flaherty, LPE-I, RPT

Story stones provide a super opportunity for imaginative play, and there’s some great sensory stuff going on too: the colors are vibrant, they’re cool to the touch, and for me there’s something soothing about the sound of stones clacking together as you play with them.

WHAT CHILDREN LEARN IN PLAY THERAPY Maybe you’re a parent thinking about giving play therapy a try with your child . Here are some great reminders about what children learn in play therapy through the power of play and nurturing relationship with a play therapist. #playtherapy

Helping Kids Deal with Disappointment. Therapeutic-grade interventions for use at home, school, counseling and more. 50% off introductory special ends Wednesday 9.25.13 #parenting #education #feelings