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  • Katie McIntyre

    How to age wood with tea, vinegar and steel wool :) *u know, if you want your clothes pins to match your kick ass barn wood frames ;)

  • Rosamond

    Aging Wood: New wood looks a lot different than old wood. Old, unfinished wood often has a dark, dull gray color resulting from oxidation over time. When stained and/or finished, new wood will continue to look noticeably different than old. In order to cleanly integrate new parts into an old case, the new wood needs to be aged.......

  • Liz Kyle

    how to make new wood look like old barn wood

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Galvanized metal reacts to vinegar and an oxidization process starts.

The secret for aging any wood! Add steel wool to vinegar, allow to sit for a couple days, then brush the solution on wood. Very cool!

DIY - Aged Wood. You’ll need: Grade #0000 Steel Wool, Vinegar, Mason Jar, a pot of tea (cold). Put a hunk of steel wool in a jar and fill jar with vinegar. Let stand overnight. Then paint wood with tea, let dry, then paint with vinegar mixture. Let dry and it will change colour and look like old wood!

How to transfer photos onto wood - it doesn't specify but you may have to use a laser printed picture like you do when transferring to canvas.

SO FREAKIN AWESOME!!! Soak steel wool in apple cider vinegar, rub down new wood with the soaked steel wool for an instantly aged wood look. Good to know for "vintage" signs.

Rustic Headboard {aged wood} with vinegar, steel wool and white paint. Also used Annie Sloan Clear Wax

Tutorial showing how to age new wood using paint and stain. We used pallets with this technique and they came out perfect!

Step by Step DIY- Stars - The page also has many other pictures, beauty related, DIY hair related.. Check them all, pin them all :) DIY how to age wood - possible look for table in eat in area of kitchen?

Age a mirror using bleach. *cheap plain glass + crown moulding x this aging technique = awesome garden mirror I've been looking for everywhere!!