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Lensbaby'ing it up with the aperture that was laser cut for Art Network. Later Cinema4D will be used to have an end resolve with their logo. Which will match the style of the logo though the Lensbaby.

Simple Animation and yet it's still gorgeous!

Behind the scenes always intrigues me and the breakdowns are usually my favorite part of watching movies. Alana Aranki is the women who was the lead compositor of this movie also gives me inspiration to see what the future will hold.

Rebranding Art Network on campus using a Lensbaby to merge both motion design and camera techniques to showcase a new look. The aperture was laser cut and designed in multiple ways to find the right motion with their logo.

Science also intrigues me and gives me inspiration in creative interesting textures. Using molecular gastronomy would make an interesting piece and I plan on making an animation with this intricate art form.