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Lady Gaga Math only because I like nerdy math jokes AND lady gaga. (:

I would have this in my classroom if I were a math teacher. Haha.@Danielle Hartman!!!!



I hate math with every fiber of my being. I can add, subtract, barely multiply or divide. That's fine with me. That's why they make calculators. Besides, when do you ever need any of that other crap?


This is how I see math.

story of my life...never going to be able to figure out math word problems!

Awwww this brings me back to a good time in my life.... the funny moments only you could laugh at!

awesome I feel so smart bc I get the joke... by

"I have a big head, and little arms and i'm just not sure how well this plan was thought through...master? Oh it's so sad!

math-heade I thought this would be fun for transition-time/bell ringer: to copy this type of receipt info down - then using the 'pie' symbol, to have kids figure. A handful of these types - different types of problems, operations - but all involving the value of 'pie.; Kids should remember value when they leave your room!

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square root.. math jokes @Christine Ballisty Ballisty Ballisty Ballisty Smythe Smythe Smythe Karako