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♡ You can be aware of outside energies without allowing them to directly affect you. You should also be aware of your own energies and what you are sending out with your own thoughts and emotions. Be the filter and help transform the world; be the change . . be the you that can move mountains. ♡

• trippy hippie drugs weed hipster boho indie Grunge psychedelic watercolor colour colorful Gipsy multicolor grounge nisha-noir •

Is this fabric or a very soft colorful painting? If it is fabric how is it made? Pretty :)

.:.:.:.:.:.psychedelic art.:.:.:.:.:.::inhale::exhale::smoke::stay smoking::psychedelic art::stay Trippy::Trippy shit::we Trippy mane::NoEllie0123

Psychedelic art

I'm just the same as I was, now don't you understand that I'm never changing who I am?

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