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  • Esther Davis

    My apologies for the bordering-on-inappropriate bluntness...but this is the honest-to-goodness truth. People need to realize the real meaning behind "saggin."

  • Melissa Moyer

    Keep them pulled up boys!

  • Allyssa Brammeier

    i picture the faces of guys who think they are cool because there shorts look like long pants

  • Lisa Husar

    if only boys who aren't in prison knew this

  • Lyndsay Varley-Sproule

    True story!! The silly twits think it means 'gangster' because its how inmates wear their pants..haha!!

  • Bea Jones

    I wish more people knew this... It's not a fashion statement.

  • Kelly Brooks

    Would it be ok to hang these around the halls of the high school?

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