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Alta Moda- wedding boutique with the best selection of dresses from some of my favorite designers. Bonus* Provides short descriptions of the unique aesthetic of each designer.

What Should I Read Next? Book recommendations based on favorite title/author

Flutter Is Like Kinect For Your Computer’s Webcam [Mac]

Flutter uses gesture to control functions like video and music using gestures.

cgtextures-a huge library of professional textures and pictures you can upload for free.

Free application/website tracker with goals and reports

5 Tools To Add To Your Health Improvement Kit

Your health and general all-round fitness is extremely important, so it pays to have a collection of tools and resources at your disposal to fight off that flab and keep that ticker in tip-top shape. I'm sure you already have such a collection but today we are going to introduce five more resources you can start…

Well organized collection of recipes representing cuisine from some of even the most remote areas of the world exhaustive database of films (even foreign, indie, documentary) which provides accurate suggestions for additional watching.