Alexey Bednij

Photographer Manipulates Shadow In Black And White Images - Russia-based photographer Alexey Bednij waits for precise moments, and ensures the shadows in the scene are perfectly-placed, before.

I love water reflected photos, I find it different to other shadows and highlighted photos as it is using something natural and taking advantage of the reflection. it shows a different texture and the natural reflections caused outside.

молния (zipper)

Alexey Menschikov is using the world's most passionate photo sharing community.

Do you see you problem is bigger   than the real problem?

Thomas Farkas Dancing is about expressing indescribable things and how the shadow becomes your friend.

Sabine Weiss, Paris, Contrejour, 1953

"Sabine Weiss, Vers la lumière, Paris, Here, Light or Art Photography fits in all boards - Beautiful any where.