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    Beautiful Portals

    reclaimed by nature

    Nature reclaims what was hers

    Mother Nature reclaiming what once was hers!!

    Nature reclaiming : )

    reclaimed by nature

    Nature reclaims what was taken from her.

    nature reclaims

    Nature reclaimed

    Reclaimed by nature

    Nature Reclaims

    Nature reclaiming

    Abandoned crypt. Trees reclaiming unused things back to nature.

    Concrete pipe housings are now reclaimed by nature

    Urinals reclaimed by nature

    Really like the sunlight peeking through the green as nature reclaims this window. I guess I find beauty in the weirdest things...

    Abandoned and beautiful

    natures way / pin-dog

    Abandoned Nuclear power plant. Its amazing how nature takes the land back.


    abandoned mansion...