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What does it say that I surround myself with people that make me laugh? Only the best a girl could ever ask for :)

joanne woodward and paul newman were married 50 years before Paul passed. My hubby and I celebrate our 48th this Memorial Day Weekend. Falling in love with and marrying your best friend is a sure fire solid foundation that will last through thick and thin.

Exactly why I'm taking my time figuring out what o want to do for the rest of my life. I've had two careers already. Both thought id want but hated them after a year. Bartending actually made me happy but I'm looking for something more. Accounting and teaching were just not my cup of tea anymore. But ill figure it out and be happy :)

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She believed she could so she did Print

go girl, go

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Definitely words I need to live by

I'm not the same soul I once was. A lot has changed. A lot had to change. So you shouldn't expect out of me what I embodied in the past. For that part of me no longer exists.

If you are lonely when surrounded by people, you are in the company of the wrong people and it's time for a change.

So True....dont ask me why Im treating you cold, Im not. I just quit trying and expecting. Im tired of getting my hopes up and being disappointed