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John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt my name is your name too and whenever I go out people always shout there goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt:)

When do we decide if we should cancel this event? Why would we cancel? Well... a body did just tumble into the crowd. I didn't land on anybody... Juliet and Lassiter #Psych

How I feel in APUSH when we lose a debate because everyone is afraid of going against us.

Oops Shawn my have told Lassie and Jules that someone's ashes was cake mix when Jules and Lassie got a lot accidentally on them

Psych Shawn and Gus

Kelsey Myers Brunner I hereby swear to repin every funny Psych quote to you... There will be a lot to say the least... lol

This episode was one of the funniest ever!

Dude I slipped a walkie talkie in your wall when you were remodeling. That was you, Shawn?? I thought my house was buried on an indian burial ground!

Asthma. He's allergic to rich white people.... #Psych

Don't be an Indian Giver. Image via Isabella at shawn-spencer.tum...

Need I remind you Mr. Spencer, what happens when you interfere with a police investigation? The case gets solved? ;) haha