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This needs to be my monologue every morning!

Love this!

The quote of my life for YEARS, till all my dreams became a reality when I married Jeff and my beautiful girls came along. Dreams do come true. Never give up!


"for I dearly love to laugh" ;)

My life has been great, and I am blessed! And no matter what... this is TRUE... because things change quickly.

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." -Confucius

important issue to consider on occasion!

Morning Reminder

i like the idea of being in love with my life instead of relying on the idea that only finding a person to love will make me happy one day

Very true.

wise words for my kiddies. keep it simple, do what you love and the happiness will follow. recipe for success.


WOW, I need this in every room in my house!!!


Do what makes you happy

Surrounded by greatness!


This is true. How many people must have thought Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were crazy dropping out of school and setting up shop in their parents' garages? They changed the world.

So many BEAUTIFUL reasons to be happy #quotes #suja #sujajuice #health #nutrition #juicecleanse #itsthejuice #detox #organic #wholefoods #nongmo