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A market scene essay My town is situated in midst of many villages. The surrounding area is very productive. The farmers are hard working. They, are therefore, prosperous.

Paris sera toujours Paris, la plus belle ville du monde.

This is actually Paris, France BUT it looks amazingly like the corner of Battery and Haywood streets in downtown Asheville, so much like the Haywood Park Hotel.

The Hagia Sophia - even more glorious in person, and a must-see in Istanbul. See more photos on Brooke vs. the World...

Hagia Sophia- craziest, most bizarre thing I've ever seen. How did dudes in the centrury build this thing without cranes. The amount of mass suspended in air blows you away

Pompeii >> One of the most fascinating places I have ever had the pleasure to visit!

Pompeii >> One of the most fascinating places I have ever had the pleasure to visit! We visited in march and had a wonderful time.

The Hobbit Bar in New Zealand.  Yep, I'm going to find a way to get to New Zealand  this summer

The Hobbit Bar in New Zealand.

Funny pictures about Hobbit Bar in New Zealand. Oh, and cool pics about Hobbit Bar in New Zealand. Also, Hobbit Bar in New Zealand.

Amsterdam After Dark photo essay via Beers & Beans

I adore Amsterdam so much! You can't describe this amazing city in words. Its one of those places that has to be experienced. Its a city of such contradictions!

iceland, another great image  what is it about Iceland that is so entrancing to me?

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Prometheus was the Greek god who brought fire to mankind, and is honored for his gift with a gilded bronze fountain in the plaza of Rockefeller Center in New York City. The art deco fountain, by sculptor Paul Manship, was installed in 1933 and is one of the most recognized landmarks in New York.

Prometheus Fountain, Rockefeller Center, New York. I want to go ice skating here in the winter!

The canals of Amsterdam are really cute!

and this girls open letter makes me laugh. Trav would love the "Open Aired Urinals.

Paris. Sur Mon Matré

Paris. Sur Mon Matré