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A few things I've realized since being in college... all true.

No homework! Haha! I could name the boys in my room this reminds me of!

I totally remember high school as being like High School Musical! Yes, I was indeed disappointed. SO TRUE!!


Rules to live by.


The valedictorian at this school ended his speech with "I have two things to say. Number 1: Go make something of yourself. Two: It's selfie sunday so smile for instagram!" And took a picture JUST like that! lol


How I feel when I wake up from my unexpected nap.

how i feel when i wake up from my unexpected nap. I haven't seen the movie but this still made me laugh.


After a final exam…

I love Tommy. and it's not just college life, it's life life. There's nothing better than your blankie and nap nap.

Totally me and Madison!! LOL!! There is a funny version on YouTube, go to YouTube then type in call me maybe parody and click in an ugly girl wearing a pink skirt and white top.. LOL!! So funny!! 😂😋😆😎😅😜