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Wonderful movie... Demi Moore puts on a show of interpretation in this movie, in fact, the entire cast! :-)

Anchorman-Will Ferrell, Movie Print 8.5ins by 11ins

A Time to Kill

A Time To Kill- A lawyer and his assistant fighting to save a father on trial for murder. A time to question what they believe. A time to doubt what they trust. And no time for mistakes.

U.S. Marshals (1998)

U.S. Marshals (1998). Something about this movie and The Fugitive that i love so much.

Cold Mountain

Partes de um Diário: Livros para começar a ler em inglês

The Purge (2013)

Shit if America had a legal purge, this bitch aint hiding ...... I'm makin sure i'll be right around the corner from MY target when it starts, cause i'll be coming for YOU, CUNT.... run run run .and protect that throat as long as you can!!! <3slittttt

"After narrowly surviving a deadly plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness, a band of oil riggers must fend for their lives in the ice and snow. But thanks to wolves that view their presence as a threat, they aren't alone." Shall we just say "intense"!? ~9/16/12