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Combinar colores con el CIRCULO CROMATICO

Es el tradicional círculo basado en los colores rojo, amarillo , azul y sus derivaciones. Isaac Newton desarrolló el primer diagrama circular de colores en 1666. Desde entonces científicos y artist...
  • Dana Fleming

    Color theory quiz--32 questions, can be taken online.

  • Gradwell Design

    Tertiary colors are more subtle hues which are achieved by mixing a primary and a secondary color that are adjacent on the color wheel.

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Color Basics :: HUES are the 12 purest brightest colors forming the full spectrum ~ 3 Primary Colors; 3 Secondary Colors; 6 Tertiary Colors. A TINT (sometimes called a pastel) is any color with white added. A SHADE is any color with black added. A TONE is created by adding gray. Tones are somehow more pleasing to the eye, more complex, subtle sophisticated. ...ღTrish W ~http:/...

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