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I make milk. What's your superpower? Growing a healthy baby on mama's milk is an amazing and empowering thing. Nursing moms will look "super" hip sporting a superpower shirt, sticker or bag.

101 Reasons to Breastfeed Your Child

101 Reasons to Breastfeed in honor of national breastfeeding awareness month

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I make milk, What's your superpower? For all my breastfeeding mommas!

Breastfeeding Myths @Leesa Bunn @Sheila Wolf- I got a kick out of these. :)

Breastfeeding Myths Sarwar Ahmed Bunn S. @ tasteduds Wolf- I got a kick out of these.

The laws on breastfeeding in public by each state.

I figure I better print this now, Derek apparently is no longer at an "acceptable" Breastfeeding age anymore.