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In the end, you''ll know which people really love you. They're the ones who see you for who you are and not mater what, always find a way to be at --- Your side.

I miss my grandmother so much sometimes. I often feel like she was the first person, and for a long time, the only person in my family to get me. She was the person I looked to and thought, "Oh, I do belong here." I like to think that she's still watching out for me.

Maybe so.. I hope. The dwellings I miss. But what if it is the person that I miss...? Then what. I just simply have to get over the feelings, then forget about the person..

Losing people throughout your life even if it's not to death still feels the same. A part of you dies depending on how much that person meant to you when you find out they weren't the person they portrayed themselves to be.