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Celestial White Beings: Ascension 2017 - Love in Action - September 9, ...

Serpentine crystal: aids in gently moving Kundalini energies throughout the body ie. without side effects such as Kundalini psychosis during spiritual ascension/transition from a lower to higher vibration but very fragile/breaks easily. More important for safe ascension is inner faith, even if path ahead unclear & a mind set based on love, not fear. Be gentle on yourself & others during this transition, and remember part of love entails acceptance that others are also confused…

12 Stages Of Light Body Ascension in5d in 5d body mind soul spirit

Remember why you came here. .#Sisterhood #theuniversewithin #solitude…

Yes! Lord, please enable me to Be QUIET this year & teach me how to Listen!!

ASCENSION is not an event but rather a MOMENTUM.

Spiritual, grateful, lack, mind power, diet humor, and Abe

This is my ideal sense of being, to be one with nature and be one with the universe and all is well.

DNA Activation Symptoms. I have almost all of these. It's quite difficult to cope with at times.

wallow or choose to live again and be happy

What Is Your Spiritual Gift?

Seeing that the universe gives birth to beings that are animate and wise, should it not be considered animate and wise itself? ~ Zeno of Citium